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Ich bin Anatol Sorokin. Ich wohne in Nischni Nowgorod, Russland.(also possible: Ich bin wohnhaft in Nisch...) Ich arbeite als Programmierer bei der Gorkowskaja-Eisenbahn. Ich bin 30 Jahre alt. Ich lerne gern Deutsch. Das ist mir sehr wichtig. Ich bin Soldat der Logistik im Russischen Heer. Mein Militärfach ist Artillerierechner. Das Foto zeigt mich in der Lehrbrigade mit einem AK-47 Sturmgewehr. Aber ich bin ein eigentlich ein friedlicher Mann.
Ich fahre gern Obus. Das ist ein Foto mit einem alten historischen Obus ZiU-5. Mein Freund Sergei machte dieses Foto. Er arbeitet als Mechaniker für Obusse.--I´ve changed the Reihenfolge der Wörter, no it sounds like good german ;). Some words need also to be put in the right Kasus (endings etc.). Some phrases were not okay, (Soldat des Vorrates- I pharaphrase it with Logistik,,IMHO it should be quite the same. Reparateurmann is not okay, Kfz-Mechaniker does all the stuff at cars/busses. For Artillerierechner I couldn´t found a better word. I never heard it before. Maybe you tell me whats your job and I find a better one.
Hope I didnßt but in any mistakes. You could tell me before that I need to be logged in to write you here ;).--D.W: 17:45, 12 ноября 2007 (EET)
Damned dictionary! I mean in Soldat des Vorrates soldier of the reserve (not active now, not conscript). So right phrase will be Ich war Soldat der Artillerie im Russischen Heer My military specialization is a preparation of the firing data for the artillery battery. From the observation I receive the distance and angle to the target, than I calculate the distance and angle for the gun position, adjust results with the atmospheric pressure, temperature, drop of muzzle velocity and derivation, finally calculate the settings for the fuse and traverse and elevation of the gun, report this to the battery commander. LostArtilleryMan 20:05, 12 ноября 2007 (EET)
Mmh, fire direction, Feuerleitung, if you use a computer, it is the Feuerleitrechner. Mmh Feuerleitoffizier is the only position coming to my mind. Mmh, maybe best for now is to paraphrase: Ich nehme die mathematischen Berechnungen für die Feuerleitung vor. I do the maths for the fire direction. Tell me what you think about.--D.W: 21:16, 12 ноября 2007 (EET)
It seems to me as a good approximation. This work can be done with computer (by the way, is it often now abbreviature EDV used in German language?) (usually by officer in specialized vehicle at brigade level), with the mechanical computational devices (usually by sergeant at battery or division (this Russian word is also means artillery bataillion, closer to German Abteilung rather Division)) or with the tables, sheet of paper, pencil or pen. I in the rank of Private learned usage of the tables and mechanical devices (the Sergeant's post of computational squad commander) but the usage of handheld computers and electronic programmable calculators is greatly encouraged too. But... this equipment you must buy for your own money and keep it by yourself. But this is really interesting! LostArtilleryMan 08:20, 13 ноября 2007 (EET)
Yeah, EDV just stands for Elektronische Datenverarbeitung (electronic Data processing).
I still think, the sentence fits very well.(last sentence in german as training ;): Ich denke immernoch, dass der Satz gut dazu passt) --D.W: 18:12, 13 ноября 2007 (EET)
Danke schön! Bis bald, LostArtilleryMan 12:33, 14 ноября 2007 (EET)